Hitman 3 Season of Lust Begins Today with a New Premium Escalation, ICA 19 Goldballer Weapon, and Game Update

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Hitman 3′s Seven Deadly Sins DLC reaches its mid-point with the start of the Season of Lust. The new season has begun with a premium Lust Assignation Escalation with three more rewards to earn. The game’s free content continues today, July 27, with another free location and the ICA 19 Goldballer Weapon, with plenty more to come over the following weeks. July’s update also arrived today, bringing many bug fixes and gameplay improvements.

The Seven Deadly Sins DLC now focuses on a fourth sin: lust. The Lust Assignation Escalation is a new take on Berlin, and Agent 47 once again has a new handler that makes more than a little effort to seduce him. While dubbed an Escalation, the level is just a single stage where our hitman has to find safes, collect the intel from inside and use it to identify his secret admirer from a bunch of Pretenders on the dancefloor. Those who are successful will be rewarded with the Scarlet Suit, The Serpent’s Tongue crossbow that fires blinding darts, and The Serpent’s Bite remotely detonated explosive. The contract can be replayed numerous times as the admirer is randomly selected each time.

The season’s free content also begins today with a brand new free location for those who only own the Hitman 3 Starter Pack or who don’t own Hitman. Marrakesh is available until August 8. A second location will be rotated in before the end of the season too. The House of Sand mission that takes place on a night time version of Marrakesh will be available between August 12 and August 22.

The ICA 19 Goldballer weapon has also been added to the game. Players can unlock this by completing the new “Untouchable” challenge set on Carpathian Mountains, simply for completing the mission of the same name. The challenge is a permanent addition to the game so the weapon is not just limited to the Season of Lust

Another permanent addition will be the Dartmoor Garden Show event that arrives on August 5. The mansion gardens have been transformed with four distinct gardens to represent horticulture from around the world. The three judges also happen to have been at the opening ceremony in Dubai. The three-stage Escalation randomly assigns a client and an accomplice. Those who successfully complete the contract will unlock the Summer Sightseeing Suit and Deterministic Mode. The latter resets the Escalation to stage one and picks a new starting point, but allows the player to pick the target. The event can also be used in Contracts Mode.

The next Elusive Target arrives on July 30. The Heartbreaker is known as the wedding planner from hell and he’s currently trying to scam his latest victim in Mendoza. Players have until August 9 to ake sure he doesn’t break any more hearts. A second Elusive Target, The Entertainer, returns to House Built on Sand from August 20. Players need to take him out and retrieve his client list before the contract ends on August 30. Those relying on the free location to take part in the second contract will be able to do so but will only have two days to complete the contract instead.

Finally, there will also be themed Featured Contracts from ShackNews on August 12 and the Hitman Community on August 26. For now, the Season of Sloth has concluded with a game update that has managed to fix more of the legacy challenges and made a few other bug fixes and gameplay improvements.

Hitman 3 July Update: Version 3.50 Patch Notes

General Issues

Language Support
We’ve added full text localisation of all in-game menus and subtitles for the following languages on all platforms: Russian, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. All players will be able to access these languages after downloading the 3.50 patch.

Japanese Support
With the 3.50 patch, we’ve prepared the game for release on PlayStation Store in Japan on August 26th, including full text localisation of all in-game menus and subtitles into Japanese. After the 26th August, PlayStation players in Japan will be able to access the Japanese localisation.

General Stability
We’ve resolved several issues and rolled out improvements to our online connectivity as well as fixed several issues that could cause the game to crash or be unstable.

Statistically Speaking
We’ve tweaked several issues with the Statistics page, including incorrect mastery levels being displayed, several visual elements not displaying correctly and certain progress bars that didn’t ‘fill up as expected.

The Face of Agent 47
We’ve resolved an issue where Agent 47 would wear a previous version of his face when wearing a suit from a previous game in the trilogy. Now, he’ll always wear the HITMAN 3 version of his face, regardless of the suit he’s wearing.

Featured Contracts Unlocks
We’ve tweaked a few issues with players being unable to earn the items attached to the Featured Contracts Milestone challenges, despite fulfilling the requirements. There’s several causes for this, but we’ve worked through the various constellations and made adjustments for the known causes. Players who have completed the aforementioned challenges should see all relevant rewards unlocked and in their inventory after the 3.50 update.

We’ve listed all the trophies/achievements and challenges that have had their unlock conditions tweaked in this patch below.

  • Fly Tipping (challenge) – Santa Fortuna
  • The Gig is Up (challenge) – Landslide: Sapienza
  • Shortcut Killer (trophy/achievement)
  • Master the Terroir (trophy/achievement) – Mendoza
  • Train Surfing – Carpathian Mountains

Concept Audio
We’ve resolved an issue where the audio fire rate of the Concept 5 firearms doesn’t match the visual fire rate.

Credit Where It’s Due, 3.50
We’ve updated the in-game credits to reflect work done since the last patch, including new members of the team that have joined.

Location Changes: Dartmoor, England

Garden Show
We’ve added the Dartmoor Garden Show to the Dartmoor Destination. Read more about it above.

Sloth Subs
We’ve resolved an issue where some subtitles would appear twice during the ‘Sloth Depletion’ Escalation.

Plants vs Assassins
We’ve resolved an issue that could cause Agent 47 to vault onto a plant pot in Dartmoor.

Investigation Over
We’ve resolved an issue that could cause guards to engage in combat with 47 when he is disguised as the investigator, even though he is following Alexa at her request.

Location Changes: Berlin, Germany

Satu Situation
We’ve resolved an issue that could cause a target to enter an idle state during the Satu Mare Delirium Escalation.

Location Changes: Chongqing, China

Turn Off
We’ve resolved an issue where certain prompts in Chongqing would display placeholder text in several languages.

We’ve resolved an issue where some dialogue and subtitles were not triggered in Chongqing when interacting with a terminal in the facility.

Combat Loop
We’ve resolved an issue that could cause guards in combat to continuously fire at Agent 47 even when he is out of sight. Guards will now disengage from combat and attempt to search for 47 as expected.

Location Changes: Mendoza, Argentina

Sniper Assassin?
We’ve resolved an issue where the Sniper Assassin challenge in Mendoza didn’t mention that a Sniper Rifle was required, in certain languages.

Tomato, Timara
We’ve resolved an issue where Diana’s dialogue would refer to Tamara as ‘Timara’ in some subtitled dialogue in Mendoza.

Check Mate
We’ve resolved an issue where the Gaucho guard in the Tech Room drinks his mate incorrectly. He was drinking straight from the glass and the straw was going through his face. Now, he’ll use the metal straw.

No Time To Trespass
We’ve resolved an issue where a small area near the cinema screen in Mendoza was flagged as a trespass zone.

Villa Lights
We’ve resolved an issue that would cause lighting effects to flicker when moving between the Front Balcony and Bedroom of the Villa.

A Place For Everything…
We’ve resolved an issue where not everything was in its place…

Location Changes: Carpathian Mountains, Romania

Silent Weapons
We’ve resolved an issue that could prevent the weapon sounds for the HWK 21 Pale and ICA Tactical Shotgun Covert from playing when used by NPCs.

We’ve resolved an issue that could cause inconsistencies during the end cinematic of the Untouchable mission.

Legacy Location Changes: HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2

Lighting Issues
We’ve resolved further lighting issues on Legacy locations that were caused after new tweaks to HITMAN 3 lighting. Vignettes, bloom and textures in dark areas have been improved with these changes.

Santa Fortuna: Fly Tipping
We’ve resolved an issue that prevented players from unlocking the ‘Fly Tipping’ challenge in Santa Fortuna.

Mumbai: Train Hider
We’ve resolved an issue where the ‘concealed’ indicator was missing from certain foliage inside the Mumbai trainyard.

Haven Island: Carpet Light
We’ve resolved an issue where the carpet in the Doctor’s Hut could trigger a significant lens flare when viewed from specific angles.

Haven Island: Water Horse
We’ve resolved an issue that could make it impossible to progress the Water Horse Mission Story depending on 47’s actions.

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