James Bond Is Coming To Rocket League (Or His Car Is, Anyway)


Rocket League is a game about cars playing football. But are people inside the cars? Apparently not — the cars, like the audience, are filled with sentient eggs, according to actual Rocket League lore — but we like to think that James Bond can be the eggception. Er, exception.

007’s iconic Aston Martin DB5 first appeared in Goldfinger in 1964, and has since become known as Jamie B’s favourite spymobile, appearing again in movies like GoldenEye, The World Is Not Enough, Casino Royale, Skyfall (in which it was blown up by the bad guys), and Spectre. It’s also been immortalised in LEGO, and the GoldenEye DB5 currently lives in the London Film Museum, as the second most famous car in the UK, after Brum.

Now, the car that none of us at Nintendo Life could ever hope to afford even if we pooled all our money together is appearing in Rocket League alongside other well-known automobiles like the ’89 Batmobile, K.I.T.T., and the Jurassic Jeep Wrangler.

The Aston Martin DB5 will be available from the 29th of July to the 4th of August, as part of a bundle that also includes the wheels, a “one-of-a-kind” engine audio, the signature Silver Birch paintjob, and a Reel Life decal. These items can only be equipped on the DB5. It costs 1100 credits, and will only be available for a limited time, although apparently “James Bond will return” with more classic cars later in the year.

James Bond’s DB5 has been through a lot, but we’re still a bit nervous to play football with it. What if we dent it? Are footballs soft enough that they won’t scratch the paintwork? Please don’t send hitmen after us, Mr Bond.

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